Welcome to APIO

Where we create breakthrough products for the home and garden

Our California roots

We started in Santa Cruz with one idea and billions of reasons

That idea became a product that became a company committed to helping improve life for everyone on the planet. Our customers are discriminating, so our products are loaded with features beyond basic functionality, leveraging the best of science and technology so our customers can be excited to bring our products home and into their lives.

Our products are purposeful

And so are we

With technical expertise in robotics, IoT, and environmental science, we use design thinking to evolve our products from big idea to optimal market fit. That way our customers enjoy more creativity in the kitchen, more success in the garden, and less time in routine tasks so they can spend it with the people in their lives doing more of what they love to do.

Our Mission

At the heart of everything we do, we believe in…

  • Designing extraordinary products for the home and garden
  • Choosing only manufacturing partners committed to sustainability
  • Launching only products that improve the marketplace and the environment
  • Giving of our time and our profits to help lift the planet to optimal health
  • Living in balance between our passion for work and our love of life
  • Inspiring each other every day in reaching for greatness

Our Team

We believe in empathic collaboration where every idea is considered and every opinion from the front door to the back of house is relevant.

Teri Miller

Teri Miller


310 460 8919

Creating products for wow, I have to have that

Everett and I started APIO for people who want a smart home connected with devices that serve a real need of course but also are eco-friendly, artfully designed, and leverage the best of science and technology. I have worked in operations, manufacturing, marketing, and IT, and I’m excited about bringing this team together to offer our products to a consumer who is more sophisticated than ever before and also expects environmental protection which we believe is as it should be. We live on the Pacific Coast, so we dream of seeing cleaner oceans in our lifetime. With the progress we’ve made researching organic biopolymers, we expect to deliver on plastic replacement technology and on our promise to see it through for healthier oceans and thriving sea life.

Companies I’ve loved working for: Apple, Dreamworks, Ralph Lauren, Ceres, and various other startups and VC backed ventures.

Rival schools I’ve attended: UCLA for an MBA from the Anderson School of Management, USC for my undergrad in Marketing, and Stanford for Continuing Studies in Entrepreneurship and Communication.

My favorite quote: “Instead of seeing the rug being pulled out from under us, we can learn to dance on the shifting carpet.”  – Thomas Crum



Everett Hinckley

Everett Hinckley


310 429 5763

Advanced technology for a simpler life

Teri and I started APIO because I couldn’t find the kind of products I was looking for. We live a homestead life, but I’ve worked in IT for most of my career, so I’m OK with technology living alongside a simpler lifestyle. I want to offer our customers more creativity in the kitchen and more success in their gardens, but most of all, I want to save them time so they can spend more of it with the people in their lives doing the things they love to do. I know we can have great technology without it taking a toll on our environment, and I’m excited to shepherd this company to do just that.

My Texas roots: I went to the University of North Texas to study jazz guitar, but somehow I ended up with a degree in physics. Then I spent 6 years at Texas A&M as a TA in the Physics Department working on my Masters advancing semiconductor research and development.

The best tech of the last decade: Cloud services have made it possible for any company to grow without limits.

My favorite hobby: Cooking for my friends and family is my gift to them, and when the flavors are fresh, the result is pure joy.

My favorite quote: “The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”  – Frank Herbert, Dune

People & Planet

Connected for good

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